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SEO Ranking Improvements With New Internet Domains:

The question is often asked: "Does using a new web domain ending help the ranking of a site?" Together, we will examine how generic top-level domains (also called new gTLDs) may improve your Google rankings and how you can have both a traditional dot com (.com) domain and use a new internet domain for your emails and special events. Let us first define and discuss the topic at hand ...

New Web Domains - About:

The first new domain name endings started to be released in early 2014. It is interesting to see how, for example, these new web domains were viewed at the time. Take the example of this article in The Guardian. Today these new generic top-level domain endings (or gTLDs) are generally seen as having a wide success. The 2021 gTLD launch schedule includes the release of dot beauty (.beauty),  as well as dot trust (.trust) and others. Related information: newgtlds.icann.org

There is an extremely well made not for profit site which details the advances and changes related to new web domains. This is: https://icannwiki.org/ . This covers (as the name implies) the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which is responsible for the staged release of new web domains (among many other roles). 

You can also go directly, as suggest above to the ICANN site, but I have found greatest clarity at https://icannwiki.org/New_gTLD_Resources and  https://icannwiki.org/New_gTLD_Program

New Internet Extension Topics & Themes | An Overview:

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 How a subdomain added to a new web domain extension works in boosting trust: 

Back in 2014 there was an article which stated: "New TLDs give no SEO advantage and .Geo domains don’t work how you might think". This was followed, if you go for old news, by several other unimpressed reviews of the new web domains. In fact, oddly, it took 10 years for people to start to see that SEO could truly be improved when a new web domain was combined tweaked correctly. By "correctly" I need to give you at once an example!


Let us use the case of a dot marketing (.marketing) extension combined with a keyword. In this example let us take localization.marketing. The tweak is to bring forth a subdomain. By so doing you provide a search engine with more than just a broad combination of terms and enter into niche topic expansion. If your interest is, as it is for me, Search Engine Optimization within localized markets, then a subdomain which indicated to both the user and search engines your intention to focus exclusively on a a given aspect of this question will provide interest for users and, with devotion and hard work, trust from the search engine.

Naturally, you will ask me "But,  could we not have this high quality content hosted simply in a file/folder URL from a dot com? Sure: You could have a "sitename/seo-in-western-india/localization-SEO/index.html" only nothing in this would give the assurance that you would stay on topic! That is where a subdomain added to a new web domain extension is a great way to build trust in content!

So if your subdomain is https://western-india.localization.marketing you then can add after the dot marketing an expanded focus.

Example: https://western-india.localization.marketing/town-name/commercial-focus/ or even better, you can make a subdomain per country and add western-india as a page. That would look like: https://india.localization.marketing/area/town/commercial-focus/index.html (with a canonical URL leaving out the index.html part). 

This may look long, but it is long for a purpose. It is long for the power that it turns the new web domain extension from a broad and general topic to setting up "horse blinders" and getting the reader to understand that EVERYTHING about the URI at hand is to become, one assumes, an authority on this very specific and clearly defined subject matter. Wait! We are not done yet ...

Above, in the introduction to this page I said that you could use your traditional dot com (.com) domain and the new web domains hand in hand without confusing the user. For this to be clear, let me take the example of a PDF document. When you open a PDF you are often aware that you have left the main site. You are used to this. You do not require or even expect to find a "Navigation bar" at the top of the PDF. The same applies to a company blog using the long subdomain formula. You are simply taken to another place for a purpose of sharing something and like with the PDF you can go back to the main site either with a navigation option within that PDF or by simply clicking the left arrow on the upper left of your browser window. Now, with a subdomain you WILL at all times and maybe at both the top and the footer of the page have a navigation zone BACK to your core site. More to the point you will be using the short version of your new web domain for the redirection. 

Let me explain what I mean: When you tell people about your blog dealing with specifics of language, culture, and marketing a brand in various towns across Western India you will not say to them go to subdomain+new-web-domain+lots-of-file-names! You will simply say, visit our new dedicated blog at localization.marketing and here comes another SEO tweak of importance! Do not make a 301 (redirection from localization.marketing to your long page name hosted on a subdomain. Use the https://localization.marketing as a welcome page with a high value amount of introductory content. And use it as a navigation hub to your pages.

In some ways this site (new-web-domains.com) follows that hub model. The core content of the site is found within it. The subject is SEO Training not website endings. But I combine the two. And I get traffic for this.

This process of using a subdomain with a simple to recall home page is vital for the human vs the search engines. Google, if she was able to tell us what "turned her on" would likely speak like a good Geek and say "60% of me wants to see love and devotion for the topic being shared and 20% of me wants good on-page sub-headings and proper use of spelling, grammar and no over-saturation of the keyword phrase. Google would say: "Then, the last 20% which really gets my ranking factors going is off-page SEO stuff. Ardan Michael Blum, CEO at A. Blum Localization has a good page which includes a generic checklist!" but she would fail to give you the location of this page. This is typical of Google. She is being taken over by AI. No longer able to fully think by herself. So, here is the link: https://new-web-domains.com/seotraining/#seo-checklist. Now let us think about what I just did. I gave you a URL with an anchor (that hashtag jump to a place tag). How would anchors work when it comes to our  "Indian Localization Discussion"? Could we not make ONE PAGE for Western India, one page for Central India, and so forth? Could we not then make the URI with the super long page name less long and use anchor jumps (with h2 markup) per main city? Yes! This might be a valid way to make a page. And we could use an accordion (better known as a drop-down) window to click on so as to see the content (this way the page would not be three miles long in downward scrolling).

So, let us try out a sample SEO friendly, shorter URL! Ready? We are going to use the localization.marketing example to make a shorter link than the examples above. We need to have the following elements in the page name: a) the country, b) the region, c) what we are going to talk about, d) the commercial aspect/focus/trade/area and e) we will want to have town names.

 Using Subdomains: 

Version 1: india.localization.marketing/area/commercial-focus/index.html (with the index page offering the dropdown menus for each city that one can jump to with "#cityname").

Version 2: india.localization.marketing/commercial-focus/area-in-geographical-terms/index.html (with the same content as described in version one).

Version 3: india.localization.marketing/geographic-area/cityname/ (here we are moving into a slightly different optic. We will have a drop-down menu for different commercial subjects/topics).

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