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A. Blum Localization Services | About Us:

Since June of 2016, our Palo Alto SEO Company - A. Blum Localization Services is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. We provide in-house corporate SEO training across California. Our training packages range from basic to advanced level Search Engine Optimization. ​Classes are given by Ardan Michael Blum, founder, and CEO of our Palo Alto SEO company.

We train non-SEO staff to take control of their digital marketing (to manage their blogs and sites with organic SEO). And we offer PPC management, online reputation management and social media marketing training for advanced classes!

Find out how our Palo Alto SEO company will help you set up office-wide SEO standards: Be in touch on 650 427 9358 or use this form to reserve a no-obligation 15-minute demo

 Palo Alto SEO Company | Ranking Tips:

We believe that success in ranking comes from sharing passion for your topic! We teach our corporate clients that about 60% of ranking success comes from expanding, original, authority content. And we believe that 20% comes from link building, and the remaining 20% from the implementation of a customized SEO checklist. 
Within most checklists there are a few points which are more important than others. We believe that these are:
A) To work and re-work content for "Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness" (E-A-T). "See: Search Quality Rater Guidelines in PDF (updated on September 5th, 2019).
B) To optimize a web page for the terms in the URL of the page! (File names, anchor names, site and sub-domains are paths for search engines and users to find quality, original niche topic content).
C) Always have a second focus term per page - So that your page title will be something like mine:
   <title> Palo Alto SEO Company - A. Blum: Corporate SEO Training </title>

D) Understand which keywords are being used for your focus terms and watch for changes in search patterns!
- Example: Click the links for search interest over time for search engine optimization training  vs "seo training" - from 2004 till the present with results set to worldwideall categories, and all operating systems. And then there are several other functions worth looking at via "Search tips for Trends". 

Let us now look at more tweaks from a sample organic SEO checklist:

So this short (much more is needed) sample checklist ends. Note: There is no such a thing as a "one size fits all checklist for SEO").

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