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 A. Blum Localization Services | About Us:

Since June of 2016, A. Blum Localization Services is situated in downtown Palo Alto. We specialize in corporate SEO training with coverage across California including Sacramento, San Francisco, the Bay Area, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego. All Search Engine Optimization training classes are given by Ardan Michael Blum.

How We See Search Engine Optimization: 

60% Success in ranking high on Google comes by sharing ORIGINAL, EXPANDING, and AUTHORITY content.

20% comes from link building and the remaining 20% from the implementation of a customized office-wide SEO checklist.

Misconceptions and Myths

There are several misconceptions and myths which people seem to believe will help them rank high in search results. These are often shared by the "expert" who (after reading 3 books and seeing 10 videos on the topic of SEO) will suggest that there is a need to increase your link building to at least 500 inbound links by posting blog comments and that work is needed to place near-white text with keywords on your white page in the footer of all your site pages, as he exclaims: "I am trained to do both!"

Worse: He or she may even open an SEO agency and charm clients into hourly billed talks about how "complex" SEO has become. Making the naive and trusting client think that without this expert nothing is possible.

Often, this type of "expert" will make people believe that the "one size fits all" SEO process they are proposing is a sure bet! This, of course, is pure highway robbery! Yet, people fall for this. And the prospective client will even, at times, be asked to come over for a coffee to plan new meeting dates - all billed!

Then, when finally some results appear it is time for "maintenance contracts" - by which is meant doing virtually nothing or deceptive analysis such as "Your ranking dropped because your competition seems to have copied what we did for you and they added more pages to their site". Off you go again! Time for more coffee meetings to plan the future!

And ... Even when the outsourcing firm is more honest they generally are working with one-size-fits all techniques.

A large number of SEO firms will get clients into a state of being maintained. What I mean is after the initial site work is done they will bill you monthly for "updates". This is where IN-HOUSE CONTROL will save a huge amount of money! In fact SEO agencies often - akin to the low price of a printer and the high price of the ink - get you hooked over years. They will make their work appear to be something ever so complicated which you may never fully understand and which, without it, you will simply vanish off the face of Google! Only ... What they are not saying, and will never tell you is that SEO is not all that complicated! What matters above and beyond anything else CONTENT EXPANSION which makes you an authority, and which shows your LOVE for your theme/topic is what Google wants to rank high.

Google wants to give users access to QUALITY CONTENT THAT IS UNIQUE. Success in SEO comes from passion and hard work sharing EDUCATIONAL and INFORMATIVE content about your niche topic (which will include your chosen keywords/keyword phrases).

Take the step! Reserve a no-obligation 15-minute free demo via Skype!

SEO Training Program:

Technical SEO - Intermediary

We examine link attribution - such as the "nofollow" (a way to signal a non-trusted link), "UGC" (or user-generated content) and "Sponsored".

- We look at CSS and JavaScript that can be re-grouped into one file.  ... SEE MORE ABOUT OUR  INTERMEDIARY TECHNICAL SEO

Technical SEO - Advanced

- We will look at how to find and use high-quality outbound links to authority websites as a means to VALIDATE what your site presents.

- Examine technical aspects to tweaking both your sitemap in XML and robots.txt file.

- Work on the ".htaccess" file (for sites running the Apache Web Server software).

- Focus on essential plugins for your content management. ... SEE MORE ABOUT OUR ADVANCED TECHNICAL SEO

Online Reputation Managementy

Recovery from online reputation damage is a process that mostly involves informative content creation. ... SEE MORE ABOUT OUR ORM WORKSHOP

SEO Training | Sample Checklist *

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* For our in-house SEO training we provide each client with an office-wide review of essential rules and per department customized checklist.

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