Some SEO Myths


There are several myths regarding ranking high in search results. These are often shared by the expert in marketing (not so much in SEO) who will suggest that there is a need to do all manner of things over months and years. And the key to this sales effort is to make SEO seem highly complex; so that without this agency nothing is possible.

Often, this type of “expert” will make people believe that the “one size fits all” Search Engine Optimization process they are proposing is a sure bet! This, of course, is pure highway robbery! Yet, people fall for this. And the prospective client will even, at times, be asked to come over for a coffee to plan new meeting dates — all billed!

Then, when finally some results appear it is time for “maintenance contracts” — by which is meant doing virtually nothing or deceptive analysis such as “Your ranking dropped because your competition seems to have copied what we did for you and they added more pages to their site”. Off you go again …

Time for more coffee meetings to plan the future! Even when the SEO agency is an honest enterprise, they generally are working with one-size-fits-all techniques. Be aware! If you outsource your #SEO to good marketing firms you may end up hooked for years with monthly (costly) maintenance that is not needed!

They may make their work appear to be something ever so complicated which you may never fully understand and which, without their expertise, you will simply vanish! Only … What they are not saying, is that what matters above and beyond anything else is content expansion.