An Overview to SEO Training

Your creation of high-value content will override almost all other ranking factors when it comes to lasting top 5 placement on search engines. Google, it may be said, wants above everything is to send their users to pages that stand as an authority for the given subject matter. 

60% of your ranking success will come from sharing AUTHORITY content. Become part of the ever growing source of quality knowledge the world expects to find in top 10 results on Once your content is created then comes the time to learn how to tweak it! This is where “SEO training” starts!

The work is divided in the following way: 

– 20% in ranking factors will come from the implementation of on-page tweaks, re-editing, and management of server files (to boost page speed).

– The remaining 20% in ranking success comes from getting high quality inbound links. These include your social media accounts (do not forget the “Google My Business” section where you can post updates – related: as well as seeking backlinks from established (similar topic) blogs, newspaper articles, academic e-journals and other high quality sites.

The links from these sites can be especially helpful if they are not tagged as “nofollow” and if they contain content keywords. There is no clear one-rule-for-all-SEO when it comes to link building.

Some pages hold over years with link building done at the time of the original publication, while other projects require new inbound links to be added yearly.

The key to the whole idea of link building is that it is NOT the “all-important” factor SEO firms will want you to believe it is. It is ONE among many factors.

The SEO firms that want you to get hooked on outsourced link building contracts are simply great at marketing.