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  About Our Palo Alto SEO Company:  

A. Blum Localization Services is an SEO company based in Palo Alto, California. Since our founding our focus has been to allow staff in small to large firms to take control of their SEO and to allow companies to save on the often high costs when outsourcing work.

Today: Our online SEO training workshops allow you to learn the small to large off-page ranking factors (what to look for in your visitor traffic, how to do high value link building, etc).

Our suggestions, techniques and tips will help you tweak your on-page SEO so as to know how to select the right keywords, how to use correctly header tags, anchor tags, image ALT tags, etc. (…)

 Covid-19 Related Changes: 

With the present COVID-19 lockdown we have, as many had to, change the model of our Palo Alto Seo Company and adapt.

We are providing online training across North America, Europe, Asia and beyond. We can give classes in either French and or English. Our SEO training workshops use the same teaching techniques which we have been offering with success since many years!

We provide each client with customized slides, PDF documents, and an office-wide SEO checklist per project.

 Ardan Michael Blum’s Biography: 



Ardan Michael Blum


I was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland and attended for 17 years the International School Of Geneva. In 1992  I received my B.A in Literature from Bennington College, Vermont. After college, when I was in my mid-twenties, I was to live a tragedy which I could not wish on even my worst enemy.

Following the death of a woman I had hoped to wed (who was a social assistant caring for the elderly) I rebuilt my life and founded a charity – as a sort of memorial  – Vivre Avec le 3ème Âge or “Living with the 3rd Age”.

From 1999 to 2014, our NGO was to implement cultural actions devoted to the well-being of all senior citizens living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

For example, together with the Swiss national symphony orchestra, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, we organized a special winter concert. We held this free event at Geneva’s premier concert venue, the Victoria Hall and attended by over 800 senior citizens! (View a 360 image inside the hall. Here (in PDF) is an archive version of the concert program).

The succeeding year, we organized another free event for senior citizens in Geneva. This time, thanks to the extreme generosity of the restaurant, a 3 course dinner in the lovely and exclusive Brasserie Lipp of Geneva (see inside the restaurant) for 80 senior citizens! Here (in PDF) is a copy of dinner invitation.

Of all our actions, the most important was our collaboration with Hewlett-Packard, Hewlett-Packard Europe, Microsoft Switzerland, Logitech, and IBM Switzerland to furnish without cost reformatted and/or brand new computers along with software, and many webcams, microphones, headphones and other materials were distributed to senior citizen centers and nursing homes in the canton of Geneva.


Helping seniors to become conversant with the use of email, accessing the web, and working computer programs were among my highest priorities. Then we established a project allowing seniors to share their life stories! If you read French I would highly recommend seeing: Les Séfarades à Genève, La Vie Quotidienne, “CIA Ou KGB” and the other tales (a legacy version of our site) found at medium.com/genève.


In order to find potential sponsors, I created a website. Next, we needed to rank it high on Google for senior related terms in French. So, I learned SEO. Soon our site’s keyword phrases were ranking well. Soon people called me and ask, “How did your organization rank so well on Google?” (and a few to sponsor our events).

Then the bug got me. I spent nights, and weekends, and without seeing it happen, went into geek-mode, wired-in for 15 hours a day. Yes, without knowing it, this was to be the moment of transition between doing something which was a healing, personal, and altruistic project (helping seniors) and moving into my now 24 years of love and passion for a full-time profession in Online Reputation Management, and Search Engine Optimization.

  Palo Alto Community Actions We Support: 


Ardan Michael, CEO at Palo Alto Seo Company A. Blum Localization Service is a Block Preparedness Coordinator (BPC) in Palo Alto.

​He has attended and graduated from the Basic Citizens Police Academy, and attends currently the Advanced Citizens Police Academy events.

He is a member of the Palo Alto police chief’s advisory committee.

Recently he invited the founder of Facebook to attend a meeting.​

Ardan updates news and information about Palo Alto Tourism on Twitter.

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To achieve success in SEO, the most important thing is hard work to become an authority on the themes / topics and keyword phrases you have chosen. Patience and dedication with production of original, outstanding content accounts for 60% of the SEO-related ranking factors for lasting first page results.

On-Page SEO: This accounts for 20% of this ranking power which involves having good header tags, picture descriptions, finding OUTBOUND links which validate what you are saying, and much more.

Off-Page SEO’ is the remaining 20% of ranking power which includes seeking high-quality backlinks (external sites linking to yours), combining JavaScript files, miniaturization of CSS, image size checking / compression, page loading speed checking, installing and setting up and using analytic tools.

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