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Welcome! We are A. Blum Localization Services founded in 2016. Our Palo Alto SEO Company is located a few locks East of Stanford, California, in the epicenter of Silicon Valley. We provide online Search Engine Optimization training worldwide.

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 SEO Training | Overview: 

It may be said, that 60% of your ranking success will come from sharing making your blog or website expand over weeks and months into an authority on the topic or theme you wish to rank well for. Once the videos, and texts are created you will be faced with the 40% remaining ranking factors. 20% in ranking power is what we teach online and is called “ON-PAGE SEO” and involves having good header tags, picture descriptions, finding OUTBOUND links which validate what you are saying, and more factors: “On-Page SEO Starts With Good Use Of the H1-H5 Tags“.

The remaining 20% is “Off-Page SEO”:

This covers the remaining 20% of ranking power which includes seeking high-quality backlinks (external sites linking to yours), combining JavaScript files, miniaturization of CSS, image size checking / compression, page loading speed checking, installing and setting up and using analytic tools. See more: SEO Checklist

Before You Do On-Page and Off-Page SEO Tweaks:

It may be said that trust for a website is based on the effort and time put into the expansion of knowledge sharing. Some sites require 10 pages to rank for low-to-middle level terms. Others may take 2 years to rank and the creation of 3 to 400 blog posts.

ONE article’s link and a devoted 5 to 10 hours per page (and at least 2 hours per post) can be enough to assure lasting top 5 Google results for middle-to-high keyword phrases.

A blog post may need to be corrected, edited, re-edited, and read over 10 times. The work is not “done”. It is never “done”! This is the secret to success. Not only do you update new content but you improve older pages. (Spend at least several hours each month updating older pages WITHOUT changing the publication date of these posts. What you are doing is long-term work).

Your focus may not be on a given keyword phrase. Your focus is on expanding a set number of related topics (to your main keyword focus). You can end up, in time with about 12 categories which may be updated in rotation – at about one post per day over many months. Related: “SEO Training | Blog Category Rotation“.

Get Your Average Visitor Time Into Minutes Not Seconds!

Web traffic numbers are not as important as THE AVERAGE VISITOR TIME SPENT. If you can get this time (both for individual pages and site-wide) into minutes vs seconds, and you are dealing with a large proportion of visitors coming from a search query, then trust is being established in your content. Trust that people try to create, in what is a shortcut to hard work, which is outsourcing link building.

When Is It Time To Think About SEO?

Search Engine Optimization works hand in hand from the very start of a web project, and it is a mistake to bring SEO into focus after a site is made. Early on, establish a strategy or at least a timeline (or checklist and timeline) of SEO related steps. Think about your target audience. Think about your objective. Do you want traffic? Do you want brand control and reputation management? Do you wish for both?

Ask yourself: Are you presenting a niche topic? Is this area facing heavy authority websites? If this is the case, then you should aim for informational-style writing and at least 20 pages of authority, (…) Read More: New Site Basics

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