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You Are Starting A New Site? Is It Time To Think About SEO?

Search Engine Optimization works hand in hand from the very start of a web project, and it is a mistake to bring SEO into focus after a site is made. Early on, establish a strategy or at least a timeline (or checklist and timeline) of SEO related steps. Think about your target audience. Think about your objective. Do you want traffic? Do you want brand control and reputation management? Do you wish for both?

Are you presenting a niche topic? Is this area facing heavy authority websites? If this is the case, then you should aim for informational-style writing and at least 20 pages of authority, high-quality content that is backed up with a social media account and videos. (If the keyword phrase you are working for is low in demand, then you may manage to gain the trust of a search engine with 5 well made pages).

See the Youtube video: Business Website Search Engine Optimization Basics

Have an SEO professional meet with your designer regarding your navigation, image naming, choosing page names, and many other matters. Set time aside to review with your webmaster and the SEO consultant a checklist. This should NOT be too technical. You do not need to do everything now. Some steps (like combining CSS and JavaScript) can only take place once the template is made. Then other steps (known as ‘On-Page SEO’) will be needed to adapt the text you have prepared for the 20 core pages!


What we provide, along with passion for the topic of Search Engine Optimization, is the ability to do both site creation and SEO. So you may want to simply hire us and IN THIS PROCESS learn with us. This is possible with live screen sharing and we can work with your staff in a unique manner; creating and teaching in real time.

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